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Academy - 12117 - RQ-7B UAV US Army Drone

Academy - 12117 - RQ-7B UAV US Army Drone

SKU: 8809258921189

RQ-7 Shadow is a modern American-Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle (drone). The drive is provided by a single combustion engine UEL AR-741 with a power of 38 HP. The maximum ceiling is 4300 meters, and the maximum speed is around 200 km / h. The maximum take-off weight of the drone is 149 kg. Serial production started in 2002.

The RQ-7 Shadow is the result of the work of AAI Corporation, which was developed for the needs of the US Army as a successor to the RQ-2 Pionier drone. The main purpose of the RQ-7 is to identify and locate targets for units that are part of a brigade size unit. Four main versions of the RQ-7 drone were created. The first mass-produced is the RQ-7A with the POP-200 optical head. Later, the RQ-7B version was created, which is characterized by better aerodynamic properties, longer flight range and a much better navigation system based on GPS. Later, a version of the RQ-7 Shadow 400 was developed, which was enlarged and its flight endurance was extended. The last version is RQ-7 Shadow 600, which has a new engine and richer electronics. The operators of this type of drone are the USA, Australia, Romania, Sweden and Italy.


1/35 Scale


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