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Academy - 12605 - 1/144 US Air Force F-4E Phantom II Fighter

Academy - 12605 - 1/144 US Air Force F-4E Phantom II Fighter

SKU: 603550044199

The Academy Plastic Model Company has been producing kits since 1969. The company is famous for its endless research and development and the excellent model kits that result from the effort. Academy has been awarded 'Model of the Year' at the Nuremberg International Toy Show many times and the quality of their model kits meets or exceeds that of any other current manufacturer. The McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom is a long-range, twin-engine, two-seater multi-role fighter designed for operations in difficult weather conditions. The flight of the prototype took place on May 27, 1958, and serial production began in 1961. Originally, the F-4 was intended only as a stormtrooper, but from 1955 on, the design work went towards meeting the US Navy's need for a new on-board fighter. The F-4 Phantom turned out to be a very successful machine, produced in several versions, exported to many countries and produced under license. The first versions are models from A to D intended for fighter-bombers. The next version is the F-4E, produced since 1967 as a long-range fighter. Reconnaissance versions were also created: RF-4B, RF-4C and RF-4E. The latest versions are the F-4F and F-4G Wild Weassel - these are electronic warfare planes and designed to fight the enemy radars. The F-4 took part in the Vietnam War, the conflicts in the Middle East (1967, 1973) and the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988). In total, 5,057 F-4 Phantom aircraft were built. Technical data (version F-4E): Maximum speed: 2370 km / h, speed of climb: 210 m / s, maximum ceiling 18300 m, maximum range: 2600 km, armament: fixed - 1 20mm M61A-1 cannon, Suspended - up to 7255 kg of bombs and rockets.

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