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Alclad - 120 - Gunmetal

Alclad - 120 - Gunmetal

SKU: 853328001200

The Alclad II Lacquers Laquer Airbrush paint is a great option for those working with injection molded plastic model kits. These paints are designed to produce a wide range of realistic and durable finishes. Designed only for airbrush use, this paint should be sprayed at 12-15psi and at a distance of 2-3in from the surface.


  • For airbrush application only.
  • Buffing is not necessary.

Preparation and Spraying

  • Clean the painting surface thoroughly. There must be no dust, grease, oil or finger marks.
  • Apply the appropriate primer for the Alclad paint being used.
  • Spray at 12-15psi 2-3in from the surface.
  • Regular ALCLAD can be masked and painted.
  • Decal solutions can be used with Regular ALCLAD, but are not recommended for Chrome or Polished Aluminum.
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