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Atlantis - 352 - USS Forrest Sherman Destroyer

Atlantis - 352 - USS Forrest Sherman Destroyer

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Features new boxart!

1/320 Scale. Highly detailed kit, Measures 16 inches long when complete. Decals included for Forrest Sherman, Turner Joy and Edson destroyers. Flag Sheet. Skill level 2
"The Destroyer will be there" said Admiral Nimitz about the fleet of the future. No other ship, he believed, had such an assured place in the Navy. If there is a challenge to be met at sea, the USS Forrest Sherman will be quick to respond to the urgent plea: "Send the Destroyers!"
Debuting in 1957 during the week of Pres. Eisenhower's 2nd inauguration, Forrst Sherman slid into the water flaunting an all aluminum above-deck structure, including gun foundations. Increased freeboard (area between waterline and deck) keeps her high and dry. Her sleek efficient design makes her especially stable and easy to maintain.

The last of the "gun only" destroyers, she carries and automatic rapid-fire gun mount forward and two aft. She is also armed with several anti-aircraft guns plus hedgehogs, depth charges and both anti-submarine and anti-surface torpedoes.
In 1958 Forrest Sherman patrolled the eastern Mediterranean, then sailed to join the 7th Fleet in operations off Taiwan in support of the threatened islands of Quemoy and Matsu. Sailing eastward, she completed a cruise around the world.

During the summer of 1959 Forrest Sherman joined a task force in the Great Lakes to celebrate the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway. She served as escort to the Royal Yacht HMS Brittania carrying Pres. Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth II to a Lake St. Louis naval review.
The ship was named after Admiral Forrest Sherman who, during WW II, commanded the carrier Wasp and later became Chief of Naval Operations.

Builder: Bath Iron Works Corporation, Bath, Maine
Launched: February 5, 1955 Commissioned: November 9, 1955
Dimensions: Length -- 418' 5" Beam -- 45' 2" Draft -- 14' 2"
Maximum Displacement 3,807 tons
Speed: 35 knots
Armament: Three 5" guns, Four 3" guns, Four 21" torpedo tubes
Complement: Up to 22 Officers and 315 men

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