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Bandai - 5060966 - MS-14F Gelgoog Marine

Bandai - 5060966 - MS-14F Gelgoog Marine

SKU: 4573102609663

■ Product Description ■ MAKER : Bandai Description : OVA 「 MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00 83 Star Dust Memory 」 and
A plastic model assembly kit featuring the Marine Corps landing combat mobile suit MS-14F MS-14 Gelgoog Marlene, which appears in the theater film 「 MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 0083: THE AFTERGLOW OF ZEON 」.
The design, which was renewed by Hajime Katoki, has been made into a realistic 3D with a scale of 1/144 on the tomb.
The vernier and the details of each part of the body, which are equipped in the legs and inside of the rear Marras cart, etc., have been reproduced in a realistic manner.
The various wrist parts including the flat hand and the flexible movement of each joint make it possible to take action poses that give an image of the fighting scene in the play.
In addition to the main armed MMP-8090mm machine gun and the detachable spike shield on the left arm, it is a set of various equipment such as a beam saber using clear parts.
Comes with foil stickers and detailed instructions.
* Reserved items are for reproduction. MS-14 Gelgoog

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