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Bandai - 5062007 - Bunyip Boomerang

Bandai - 5062007 - Bunyip Boomerang

SKU: 4573102620071

An unmanned combat AMAIM, developed with the Confederation Of Oceania's military technology that can transform between three forms, is here. The designs of the AMAIM units have been created by utilizing the know-hows nurtured through the development of actual industrial products by KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN, and focus on functional aspects. This unit is able to reproduce three states (Patrol State, High-Mobility Combat State, and Parked State) by replacing parts. Patrol State: A state for patrolling, in which the head and armaments are stored. High-Mobility Combat State: A state for high-mobility combate in the scene can be recreated by unfolding head, chest and autocannons on both sides of the body. Parked State: A compact standby state recreated by storing the armaments throughout its body and folding legs. Includes: Knife parts (left and right), Support parts x2, Stickers x1.

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