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Fujimi - 126401 - Lotus Esprit RS-72

Fujimi - 126401 - Lotus Esprit RS-72

SKU: FJM-126401

The Lotus Esprit is a British sports car that was first presented to the public in 1976. Its serial production started in the same year and lasted until 2004 - it was concentrated mainly in Hethel in Great Britain. Approximately 10,500 examples of this model were produced in its course.

Lotus Esprit was developed and put into production in order to expand the brand's commercial offer and replace the Europa model in it. The Esprit differed in many aspects from its predecessor. First of all, the completely changed body style and the design of the passenger compartment, for which Giorgietto Giugiaro was responsible. The new car was also powered by completely different engines with a larger displacement (from 2.0 to 3.5 liters) and a greater maximum power - up to 355 HP! However, the only body form in which the Esprit model could be purchased was still the 2-door coupe. The car has as many as seven of its generations

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