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Heng Long - M1A2 Abrams RC Tank

Heng Long - M1A2 Abrams RC Tank

SKU: IMX-Abrams

This tank is the newest Heng Long Abrams M1A2 Pro (new molds!) with not only steel gearboxes but also the latest electronics from HL, the 7.0 electronics system.

This tank comes equipped with steel gearboxes, metal caterpillar tracks, metal drive wheels, metal road wheels with rubber tires, and metal idler wheels instead of the plastic versions found on the normal tank. This tank also comes with an upgraded lithium battery (XT60 plug), USB charger, and is available as a desert tan weathered paint scheme.

 *This Abrams is also a new mold. The lower chassis on/off switch has been plugged and the tank is turned on from a hatch under the upper hull. There is also new smoke unit wiring which has the pump and heating element separately wired to the motherboard. This is a new version and not widely distributed yet!*

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