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Hobby Boss - 87011 - USS Balao SS-285 Submarine

Hobby Boss - 87011 - USS Balao SS-285 Submarine

SKU: 6939319270115

This is a Hobby Boss Models 87011 1:700 USS Balao SS-285. The Balao (SS-285) class was conceived as an improved Gato (SS-212) class submarine. Balao introduced several new concepts to the submarine force when she was commissioned in 1943. The most important of these being the thicker pressure hull, using 7/8 high tensile steel plates rather than the 5/8 plate used in the earlier Gato class. Improvements in hull construction increased the test depth of this class to 400-feet as opposed to 350-feet in the Gato class and fuel capacity was significantly increased which improved patrol radius. Submerged endurance was 48 hours at 2 knots. Cruising range was almost 10,000 sea miles on the surface at 10 knots with 116,000 gallons of diesel fuel. Patrol duration was 75 days. A highly detailed static display model Illustrated assembly guide.

Manufacturer: Hobby Boss Models
Model Number: 87011

Category 1: Model Kits
Category 2: 1:100 (and higher scales)

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