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Huina - 11592 - 1/14 Scale RC Excavator

Huina - 11592 - 1/14 Scale RC Excavator

SKU: 761963115926

Remote Control Excavators, a kids’ total delight! Buy Huina 1592 RC Excavator for your kid and let them experience a construction site.


Great for use in a sandbox or to carry small stones in the yard.


Now, this does not mean Huina 1592 is meant for kids alone. Not at all! Seasoned engineers can use excavation toys for demonstrations as well.


With 3 powerful separate motors on its digging arm, the remote control excavator will dig in any direction. The bucket is powerful, durable, and made of metal.  It also has realistic excavator lights and sounds; experience the fun of architecture!


Powerful 2.4GHz transmitter allows for operation of up to 130 feet with little interference. The digging arm is flexible, stable, and lifts up and down to its full extent.


Cab turns in a 680 Degree rotation. No limit to any direction. Charge the battery for 4 hours and enjoy 30 minutes of ceaseless excavation! Also, double-rubber track is sturdy and durable. Dig in different terrains, climb slopes, climb muds!

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