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Revell - 5984 - F22 Raptor

Revell - 5984 - F22 Raptor

SKU: RMX-5984

The production F-22 was delivered in January of 2003. Originally designed as an air superiority fighter, the F-22 has expanded to the role of a ground attack aircraft. All of the F-22 attack weapons are stored internally which helps it to avoid radar detection. In addition the F-22 has vectored thrusters which give it the ability to virtually fly straight up from a stationary position.



• Full complement of on-board weapons with four separate open weapon storage compartments

• Positional rear thrust deflectors and horizontal stabilizers

• Decal with graphics for all the current F-22 squadron commanders aircraft.

• Molded in light gray and transparent yellow


1/48 Scale

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