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TaiGen - 13045 - Sherman M4A3 75MM Remote Control

TaiGen - 13045 - Sherman M4A3 75MM Remote Control

SKU: 760963130455
  • he Taigen Sherman M4A3 comes with an airsoft firing unit and is RTR right out of the box! Just add your AA?s and you are set! This all new tank comes with a new design for the lower chassis! The chassis is now over 2mm thick and is a once piece stamped lower hull! This is by far our strongest tank yet! It also comes with a cast metal turret, metal barrel, metal hatches, metal suspension, metal idler wheels, LED headlights, metal road wheels with rubber tires, metal drive wheels, metal caterpillar tracks, steel 3:1 gearboxes, and more! A 2000mAh battery and charger is included for the tank as well as a smoke unit, LED machine gun, and an accessory box. This tank also features track recoil when firing and the all-new 360 degree turret rotation system. The tank also comes with an easy open top hull lever allowing the insides of the tank to be accessed with the flip of a lever.
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