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Taigen - 12013 - Tiger 1 RC IR Tank (Plastic)

Taigen - 12013 - Tiger 1 RC IR Tank (Plastic)

SKU: TAG-12013

The Tiger 1 was one of the most iconic and feared tanks in WW2. It was equipped with a 8.8cm KwK 36 gun and weighed over 50 tons. Over 1300 were built from from 1942-1944 with the King Tiger replacing it.

The Tiger 1 from Taigen features lots of realistic tank functions found on the real thing and is available in multiple colors and firing variants. Proportional control is standard for throttle and turret rotation as well as a proportional based smoke unit matched with the throttle. The turret has 270 degrees of rotation (360 degree kit upgrades available), elevation control, and fires either 6mm BBs or an infrared beam used to battle other tanks. Other features such as a LED headlight, realistic sounds, and LED machine gun are also included with this model.

The tanks have either a 6mm airsoft firing unit or an infrared firing unit installed. The airsoft (commonly referred as BB) tanks shoot 6mm .12-.2g BBs at a rate of 100-150fps on average. While fun around the house and for target practice these are not typically used against each other, which is where the infrared tanks come in. For those who do not care about shooting BBs, have small children or pets, or plan to battle other tankers the infrared models are the best choice. While they do not shoot projectiles they do emit an infrared beam that other Taigen tanks can take hits from, track, and return fire. *The other tank must be another Taigen infrared model with infrared receiver installed*

These Tiger 1 Early Version Plastic Editions all have Taigen's V3 Electronics installed and come with the latest transmitter and is RTR out of the box. This new system allows you use your own 6 channel based 5V receiver and use your own controller out of the box if you wish!

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